Time Tracker
Copyright © 2007 by Roland Bennett.

Change Log

4.4.0 - (13 Sep. 2007 ) Fixed bug with system date format when calculating
                        current week uptime.
                        Fixed bug which allowed task nodes to be dragged.
                        Fixed bug where time part in the tree view was also
4.3.0 - (01 Sep. 2007 ) Implemented Feature Request (1715259) i.e. added 
                        tasks to tree view and added drag and drop support.
                        Added INI setting: LockStationAfterIdleSeconds. 
                        Added DEL key functionality for tree view task nodes.
                        Fixed bug when saving uptime to file.
4.2.0 - (12 Aug. 2007 ) Added timeout to popup menu when nothing selected.
                        Added error prompt when unable to save 'Uptime.csv'.
                        Implemented Feature Request (1710688) i.e. removing
                        comma characters in task or window names when
                        writing to csv file. Added INI setting: SaveHour-
                        Added display of uptime for the current week.
4.1.0 - (22 April 2007) Fixed bug where the application prevented shutdown.
                        Fixed sorting of list columns when items have the 
                        same name.
                        Fixed flickering in the status bar.
                        Added Started column to the list view. 
                        Added Start and End times to 'Uptime.csv'. 
                        Added Start times to 'TimeUsage.csv'.
                        Added Find Active Task to popup menu (F3).
                        Added started task name as system tray hint. 
4.0.0 - (15 April 2007) Major release.
                        Changed look&feel to match Windows Task Manager.
                        Added elapsed time to Add Item dialog.
                        Changed list view to "virtual" mode to improve
                        performance for a large number of items.
                        Added tree and chart view (for window items only).
3.3.0 - (22 March 2007) Fixed critical window handle leak.
                        Added different system tray icons for when a task
                        has started.
                        Added Edit INI to popup menu.
3.2.0 - (19 March 2007) CSV file items are now sorted according to time.
                        CSV file window items are now also filtered when 
                        selected on the popup menu.
                        Added Uptime.csv file.
                        Fixed popup menu items when minimized.
                        Added detailed error messages when loading task 
                        list fails.
3.1.0 - (10 March 2007) Close button now minimizes the window.
                        Added branding to popup menu.
                        Prevented duplicate entries for a new rule.
3.0.0 - (03 March 2007) This is the initial public release.